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Greenfield Celebrations
Greenfield Celebrations


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Welcome to 'Team Greenfield'

On behalf of the ‘Team Greenfield’ Village Olympics Committee we would like to welcome all parents/guardians and participants to the ‘Team Greenfield’ web page which hopefully contains all the information you will need to get involved in this fantastic Saddleworth wide community sports event.


The ‘Team Greenfield’ Village Olympics Committee

The committee is made up of a number of volunteers/parents from the village who all have a passion for sport and their community. The committee is the body responsible for organising training and events for the village, providing young people with as many opportunities as possible to participate in a range of sports throughout the summer. We strive to adhere to the following Saddleworth Village Olympic core principles in everything we do:


  • Inclusion – We encourage children to be involved in as many sports as possible. We do not select teams purely on ability alone. We want children to try out sports they might not normally undertake and compete with confidence.

  • Enjoyment – We want all children (and parents/guardians) to enjoy the games and share the pleasure of being involved in such a unique community event.

  • Fair Play – We expect the young people who represent ‘Team Greenfield’ to show respect to other competitors and adopt fair play at all times.

As a committee we are very proud of all the children who represent ‘Team Greenfield’ in the Saddleworth Village Olympics and we ask that all parents / guardians support the committee in wanting to make all young people’s experience of the Saddleworth Village Olympics the best it can possibly be by following the above principles throughout the games.

Finally, if you are a parent/guardian, relative or previous participant and you are interested in joining the ‘Team Greenfield’ Village Olympics Committee and giving up some of your time to support this fantastic event please do not hesitate to contact us at 


Who Can Compete For ‘Team Greenfield’? 

If you live in Greenfield, go to school in Greenfield or have represented Greenfield in the past and are between the ages of 7 and 16 (on 31st August) then you are eligible to train and compete for the village. We want to get as many children involved in as many sports as possible and for them to enjoy playing them in a safe and happy environment. So, whatever your ability come and join in………. experience is definitely not necessary!


All children need to be registered prior to the start of the Olympics. Registration is £7.50 and this covers participants for all training sessions and competition.

You can download a copy of the Registration Form from the website or alternatively speak to one of the coaches at training.



 T-shirts are available to purchase at a cost of £5. These can be purchased at the Registration Event (although numbers and sizes are limited); alternatively these can be ordered at training.

Training Schedule

Please see the Training Schedule to find out where and when training takes place for each sport and the contact details for each coach.


‘Team Greenfield’ Presentation Evening

 This year’s Presentation Evening will be held on (to be confirmed) at The Boarshurst Band Club. There will be a disco, food and medal/trophy presentations. All are welcome to attend and join in the celebrations.

Contact Information

Contact details of all the coaches can be found on the Training Schedule 

For all other enquiries please email us at